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The Mall


Location & Price

Located in Neiafu on the island of Vava’u in Tonga, the Guttenbeil Mall is the only such shopping center on the island. The structure is of solid construction and one of a kind: located on the main street and perched on the waterfront boasting exquisite ocean views from all 3 floors!

Price $650,000USD for Entire Interest


The Property

14 Commercial Spaces – currently 100% occupancy

2 Restaurants- Bellavista Café and Restaurant & The Dancing Rooster

1 Studio Apt with a balcony- vacant 


Make Your Dream a Reality

The Guttenbeil Plaza is the Perfect Investment Opportunity and your  Opportunity to finally live your ‘Dream Life’ in Paradise!  This is the best, most reliable business opportunity available in Vava’u.

Your investment will earn you an initial net yearly return of 5%. 

About Guttenbeil Plaza


One Stop Shop

The Guttenbeil Plaza is a dream shopping center with 14 Commercial Spaces spread throughout 3 floors.  From barber shop to yacht supplies, unique apparel, travel, printing and laundromat services, it is a one stop shop for tourists and locals alike.  Currently the tenant occupancy is at 100%.


Culinary Kings

There are 2 Restaurants operating presently: Bellavista Café and Restaurant on the main floor and The Dancing Rooster at sea level.  Each restaurant has impressive ambiance and exquisite views of the ocean and the incoming vessels.  The Bellavista is by far the most popular restaurant on Vava’u, and reservations are hard to come by in the high season.  


Pied a terre

There is one Studio Apartment on the mid-level with a balcony, 

which is presently vacant.  It can be used as a vacation rental for additional income or as a personal flat.  


The Investment Property

Operational Information

This is by far the best and most reliable business opportunity available in Vava’u.

Your investment will earn you an initial net yearly return of 5%.  This can be substantially increased provided that you are willing to personally assume the building’s modest management and maintenance.

Maintaining the Plaza is quite straightforward as the construction has ensured longevity in its constitution.  The building is crafted from highly reinforced concrete and tiled throughout and in fact has already survived various earthquakes and cyclones completely unscathed.   However, should the Plaza require future servicing, the cost of labor in Vava’u is attractively low. 

Earnings will further increase with increases in rents and the property will steadily appreciate in value. This investment has been providing both owners with a steady stream of extra income for over 10 years now.  

The 2 owners of The Guttenbeil Plaza are also its builders. 

One of the partners is an Italian gentleman widely known and respected on the island. He both manages the Mall and owns the Bellavista Café and Restaurant. You could not wish for a better scenario in a commercial purchase as he can assist with issues or questions you may need advice about. 

Purchasing The Guttenbeil Plaza means you become the owner of a landmark building in Vava’u, but more importantly confers major investor status on you which translates into qualification for your ‘business investment residency’ Visa.  Acquiring this type of Visa is invaluable as it is the ticket to building a new life, and pursuing the dreams you may have nurtured for many years. 

*This offering is ideally suited to an affluent individual or family wanting to trade the hustle of modern day living for a more serene, eco-friendly yet comfortable way of life along the shores of the Pacific Ocean.   If you are seeking an absentee owner investment this is not for you as there will be regular minor occurrences requiring one’s presence.

Your Bright Future

Purchasing The Guttenbeil Plaza is a wise decision for those who wish for a solid return on their investment and the satisfaction of knowing their investment can only appreciate in value. 

The trends indicate that foreign capital will continue to pour into the country.  

Additionally, Vava’u is the tourism hub of Tonga thanks to being a world-renown premiere ecotourism destination for swimming with Humpback Whales. 


Life in Tonga

Facts About Tonga & Vava'u

Tonga is the only remaining Kingdom in the South Pacific.

A nature lover's delight, it has an unspoiled, unique environment of extreme beauty and tranquility. Adrift for millennia in splendid isolation in the blue of the South Pacific, it has escaped the evils of industrial progress, the incursions of dangerous animals, poisonous snakes, spiders and pestilent diseases such as malaria.

Never colonized albeit heavily influenced by the British, it still retains much of its ancestral Culture. 

Having largely been spared the challenges of Multi-Ethnicity and Tribalism that continue to plague many of its neighbors, Tonga is a monolithic Polynesian society ruled by ancestral Tradition and Christian Faith whilst cautiously embarking on the path of modernization.

The last decade has witnessed a veritable explosion of the private Business Sector that has been mainly fueled by the individual initiative of Tongans returning from abroad and expatriate foreigners living in Tonga.  The Tourism sector  is being viewed as Tonga’s most likely motor for economic growth.  So far, the Kingdom has however been spared the influx of mass Tourism and remains a friendly, exotic and largely undiscovered destination for adventuresome travelers.

It is the South Pacific’s best kept secret.

This is nowhere more apparent than in the magnificent and breathtakingingly beautiful Vava’u Archipelago, the Country’s Crown Jewel and principal Tourism hub.

This is arguably one of the Worlds most scenic and unspoiled group of islands, blessed with consistent sunny weather, crystalline unpolluted waters teeming with life, protected waterways allowing for year-round safe and pleasant boating and boasting one of the safest, cleanest and most beautiful harbors in

the whole of the South Pacific.

And yet, it does not attract much more than 3’000 visitors per year.

Tourism hinges mainly on bareboat and skippered Yacht Charters with a prominent global operator,

and Whale Watching when the Southern Hemisphere Humpback Whales visit the islands for their birthing and mating season from June to October.   Several independent operators also offer world-class

SCUBA Diving, Sailing Trips, excellent Game Fishing, Cultural Tours, adventuresome Cart Safaris, Snorkeling and inter-island Kayaking.  This is complemented by a vast array of charming Boutique Island Resorts, Hotels, Guest Cottages and Home Rentals available to suit every fancy and budget.

The main settlement is the small, captivating and friendly town of Neiafu on the shores of the world-famous Port of Refuge, one of the obligated and favorite stops on the trans-Pacific milk run. Here, you can purchase fabrics, fishing gear, cosmetics, stationery an increasingly wide selection of supplies, handicrafts, rent videos and have your computer fixed, or stop in a small café or restaurant along the street or on the scenic and always lively waterfront.

A busy open-air vegetable and handicraft market and a fish market are located next to the harbor and bus and taxi stands can be found in the center of town. It also has a library, a full-service post office, a modern and fully appointed pharmacy, local and overseas couriers, several travel and airline offices, three major banks, Customs, Immigration and other local Government offices and a regional hospital.

Tonga awaits your discovery.

Float in the calm, quiet waters of a turquoise lagoon at sunset or journey through lush pristine landscapes. Here life is lived for the joy of living, rushing is considered rude, and new friends become family.  Flowers are worn tucked in locks of hair, for the sheer pleasure of donning nature's perfect creations. 

These are Captain Cook’s Friendly Islands and the legendary hospitality of the Tongan people is cited time after time by visitors as the single most memorable experience of their visit to the Kingdom.


Land Tenure

Contrary to the practice in western countries, tradition dictates that Land cannot be owned, but is instead

merely held in trust for future generations.   Whereas several Pacific countries have adopted a compromise and accept that at least part of their territory is Freehold Land and can thus be sold or bought, Tonga does not.

All Land belongs to an Estate Holder, i.e. Government, a Noble family or the King. Commoners, i.e. ordinary citizens, are allocated a hereditary plot through a grant.  Such grants are only extended to Tongans and consequently, no foreigner has, or likely will ever own any land in Tonga.

Your purchase of Guttenbeil Plaza will give you ownership of the building and the associated lucrative rental business, but you will not be buying the land the building sits on. 

Instead, you will be entering an existing long-term rental agreement with a local businessman.  The existing agreement has an expiration date of July 1st, 2058  after which (or at any time beforehand), the agreement can, and will be extended for payment of a modest signing premium. 

All relevant papers have been drawn up by one of the owners (who is a lawyer) together with a local law practitioner and have been duly signed by the landowner together with all relevant heirs.

In this context, it is important to note that Tongan Law follows English Common Law and that the Supreme Court is presided by a Commonwealth Judge.   All relevant Case Law shows that the Court has always, and will likely continue to always protect a foreigner in possession of such documentation.

Since you will not be the owner of the land, you will not be granted a mortgage by any Tongan bank but will instead have to finance your purchase by other means.

For all financials relating to Guttenbeil Plaza, you will need to travel to Vava’u and meet the resident owner.